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Larumo Champions

 Bred by Us, CH 21 to date

CH Larumo One an Only of Boldwin

CH Larumo Jagged Ice

CH Larumo Skywalker

CH Larumo Double Jeopardy of Sylon

CH Larumo Shark Attack of Boldwin

CH Larumo Tulipa Dawn

CH Larumo Ashley English

CH Larumo Rob Rambo

CH Larumo Iron Angel

CH Larumo Button & Bows

CH Larumo Loki

CH Larumo Sgt Major

CH Larumo Ice Queen

GR CH , CH Larumo Duke Master of Shakinat

GR CH & CH Larumo Running Blaze

CH Larumo Mr White House

CH Larumo Back to Black

CH Larumo Dust Till Dawn

CH Larumo Rose Espanola of Sharrazar

CH Gentleman Jack

CH Larumo Eye O'The Tiger




Champions Campaigned by Larumo 13


CH Richmax Blue Blood of Sabod

CH Sabod Power Potion of Larumo

CH Richmax Mischief Maker of Larumo

CH Richmax Kivna of Larumo

CH Tengeenie Savannah Dawn of Larumo

CH Hookstaff Do It Did It Done That of Larumo

CH Yardstick Rob Roy of Larumo

CH Vomhausharrock Bella Donna of Larumo

CH Vomhausharrock Burgundy Boy

CH Delu Dark Night of Sharrazar

CH Vomhausharrock Feary Queen of Larumo

CH Northpoint Man on a Mission of Larumo

CH Yardstick Parker of Larumo



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